3 Days To A Clean Beauty Routine – The Challenge

3 Days To A Clean Beauty Routine – The Challenge

Have you ever wished you had smooth, soft, radiant, glowing skin? Or perhaps you do have your own natural shine, and want to retain it with a few less of those lines? Have you wondered what’s in cosmetic products? Or ever imagined what it would be like to create your own? If any of these thoughts have crossed your mind, you’ve landed on the right page.

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  • 3 Days to beautiful, healthy skin!
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  • 3 Days to explore how to make your own beauty products!

What will learn?
Day 1 – How to read off-the-shelf- cosmetic labels – Beware the toxins!
Day 2 – How to know which ingredients are good for skin – Show your skin some love!

Day 3 – How to make your own skincare – You’ll get some basics to make that glow show!

3 Days of easy, home-grown, DIY, natural and organic, self-loving beauty tips…

Wait a minute… Did we say 3 days? Hang around for Day 4 and you’ll get some bonus materials…
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How to read off-the-shelf- cosmetic labels – Beware the toxins!

Are the Dirty Dozen in your home?

Don’t let a product name or description fool you – you need to know and understand your cosmetic labels! That’s the only way to truly know what is in the products you are using, and how safe they really are.
Many cosmetic products appear interesting and appealing, but that doesn’t mean all of them are as harmless and efficacious as you might think.

Many products contain ingredients that can irritating and cause skin reactions due to sensitizing ingredients that you would rather avoid or ingredients that can even be harmful.

Fancy packaging and clever wording on the labels can give the wrong impression and misrepresent the product as something that it actually isn’t.


Best Natural Ingredients for Skincare
Many of us do not realise that our favourite skin care products can contain toxins and chemicals. In order to ensure a long shelf life and aesthetic appeal. A large number of commercially produced beauty products are laden with harmful preservatives and stabilisers, artificial colours and fragrances (parfum), all of which cause skin irritation and a variety of now proven adverse long-term health effects. These substances have also have a negative effect at other steps in the chain – from production, to consumer use and also disposal into the environment.

Learn more about some of the popular natural ingredients to look out for on ingredient lists.
Discover some of the safest and most popular natural ingredients.

Butters Oils Herbs and Powders like

Cocoa Butter
Shea Butter
Mango Butter
Coconut Oil
Sunflower Oil
Herb-infused oils
Essential oil


Learn to make your own skincare product

Get a basic recipe for you to follow and build on.

Make a surprise product.


Bonus Material

Attend the live lesson to consolidate and answer any questions you may have.