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Balms and Salves Common Ingredients

Shea Butter (raw) | Coconut Oil | Beeswax | Fermented Cod Liver Oil Liquid | Zinc Oxide | Bentonite Clay | Chamomile Essential oil | Calendula Flowers | Chamomile flowers | Arrowroot

Balms and Salves

Guidelines on ingredient proportions.

Consistencies are based on the hardness of the Butters used.

Reduce the liquid oil by the percentage of essential oil i.e. 1% oil reduction if using 1% essential



54% oil

33% butter/solid wax be sure to include some soft ones well.

13% wax


10% wax

20% oil ,

solid butter, make sure to include softer butters as well.

65% oil


80% oil

20% wax

Use Jojoba Wax or Jojoba oil or olive oil and olive oil

wax if making a soft jelly.