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Aroma blends

Facial aroma blends a blend of essential oils diluted in a mixture of carrier oils or plant oils. These are very simple but effective facial products, highly potent as they comprise of essential oils and vitamin rich plant oils.

Facial aroma blends are simple to custom make for different people because of the wide range of plant oils available. They are very effective in delivering nutrients to the skin because there are a wide variety of plant and essential oil combination to choose from when formulating.

Facial aroma-blends can be used to help with all manner of conditions, different seasons and different points in the female menstrual cycle to match the skin’s biology changes.

Facial aroma-blends are very effective as natural anti-aging skin products. Anyone can simply and swiftly learn how to make them as the require virtually no specialised equipment or procedures.

Formula ratios for generic facial oil aroma-blends

Plant Oils                            90 %

Vitamin E                             5%

Liquid Lecithin*                  2.5%

Essential Oil Blends           2.5%

*Optional but it gives the blends a silky feel and makes them easier to be absorbed by the skin

Please note the manufacturer instructions when it comes to essential oils. The ration is normally 2% although some oils are less i.e. .5% and not higher than 2.5%.

You will need to adjust your ingredient quantities accordingly to compensate your final formula calculations.

Use the Ingredient Directory to choose the best plant and essential oils for your particular requirements.

Equipment needed:

  • Small glass pump bottles to store the blends.
  • Small funnels for pouring mixtures into the bottles
  • Measuring jugs or measuring cylinders for measuring the plant oils’
  • Sensitive scales for measuring the essential oils.
  • For small quantities as in the recipes given for the purposes of your learning process, drops will suffice, but when you are working to a formula it is always better to measure your ingredients.


Facial aroma-blends are easily made in a similar way.

Add all your ingredients directly into the bottle starting with the essential oils.

Allow them to mix, and the follow with the rest of the ingredients.

Close the bottle and shake well.


Storage and Shel life

Facial oil aroma-blends will keep for a full year store them away from direct sunlight in a cool dry environment to preserve the therapeutic properties of the essential oil and plant oils.

Dry Skin facial aroma-blend  

A nutrient rich facial blend for dry, parched skin in need of rejuvenation.

40 ml Jojoba oil

20 ml Safflower oil

20 ml Avocado oil

5 ml Vitamin E

2.5 ml liquid Lecithin

1.5 ml (20 drops) Jasmine essential oil

1 ml (20 drops) Patchouli essential oil


1.Blend the essential oils together first, followed by the plant oils, lecithin and vitamin E.

  1. Stir until all ingredients are completely mixed.
  2. Use a funnel to pour the blend into a sterilised dropper bottle.
  3. Label accordingly.

Exotic Facial Aroma Blend – darker skin tones


60 ml                                   Monoi oil

20 ml                                   Pracaxi oil

10 ml                                   Almond oil

5 ml                                    Vitamin E

2.5 ml                                 Liquid  lecithin

1.5 ml (30 drops)              Jasmine essential oil

1 ml (20 drops)                Neroli


1.Blend the essential oils together first

followed by the plant oils, lecithin and vitamin E.

  1. Stir until all ingredients are completely mixed.
  2. Use a funnel to pour the blend into a sterilised dropper bottle.
  3. Label accordingly.

Chocolate Facial oil aroma-blend  

50 ml Chocolate macerated in oil* (Sweet Almond oil)

35 ml Almond oil

5 ml raw Cocoa butter

5ml Vitamin E

2.5 ml liquid Lecithin

2.5 ml (50 drops) Benzoin essential oil


  1. Grate the cocoa butter and melt gently in a baine-marie (double boiler).
  2. Make the chocolate macerate. *
  3. Strain the chocolate macerate and blend with melted cocoa butter.
  4. Add the rest of the ingredients.
  5. Mix well.
  6. Pour the blend into a clean bottle.
  7. Label accordingly.

*For chocolate macerate; add 10 ml of raw cocao powder and the insides of a vanilla pod to the almond oil and place in a jar with a closure.

Place jar in simmering water bath and maintain temperature and allow to infuse for a couple of hours.

Strain through or sieve first followed by repeating through coffee filter paper.

Black Skin Dry
Sweet Almond Oil 20 20
Macadamia Nut Oil 10 10
Vitamin E Oil 10 10
Avocado 60 60
100 100


  • Mix all the ingredients together in a container.
  • Apply a few drops onto your clean face.
  • Massage gently into the skin for 2 minutes.